Rank Math SEO Review 2022: Is It Really Worth The Best WordPress SEO Plugin?

Rank Math Review by PenChise

Are you searching for any genuine Rank Math reviews?  If yes, then you have landed in the right place.

Every website owner knows how crucial is SEO for their website. And there is an abundance of free and premium SEO plugins available on WordPress. 

Every WordPress SEO plugin has its own set of features and offerings. Moreover, it is sometimes difficult to choose the best one out of so many WordPress SEO plugins.

So, are you having any trouble finding a good SEO plugin? Don’t worry; we have got you covered. This blog is all about an unbiased Rank Math SEO review, a WordPress optimization plugin. 

Rank Math Review by PenChise

In 2018, WordPress launched a new SEO plugin named Rank Math. MyThemeShop, a famous platform for premium themes of WordPress, developed the WordPress SEO plugin – Rank Math. 

Rank Math, because of its spectacular features, immediately got the attention of website owners. Undoubtedly, Yoast SEO is a popular plugin in the blogging industry. But Rank Math has been generating positive five-star reviews from the website owners. 

Let’s have a look at some really amazing testimonials about Rank Math WordPress SEO plugin:

Rank Math WordPress SEO Plugin Testimonial
Rank Math SEO Plugin Testimonial

Let’s proceed to an in-depth Rank Math SEO review.

Important features of Rank Math WordPress SEO plugin

Rank Math Features

The following are essential features of the Rank Math WordPress SEO plugin:

1. Google Trends for Focus Keywords (Pro version)

Any time you write an article on a specific topic, you need to know what’s the trend of that keyword and if there is any potential traffic to the keyword. And also, how can you choose any high-traffic keywords for your blog? 

With Google Trends! 

The Google Trends feature in Rank Math SEO plugin provides you with metrics of a keyword that has recently stood against another keyword over a period. It offers you amazing suggestions for which type of traffic you should expect for any particular topic.

Rank Math Pro Shows Google Trends for Focus Keywords

Additionally, Google Trends offers you suggestions on which keywords to target from a group of closely related keywords. Rank Math brings all these right in the WordPress dashboard. You can also choose high-traffic keywords for a specific country between specific periods.  

Rank Math Trends Page

2. Pillar Content

Pillar content feature by Rank Math SEO plugin

You can use the pillar content option to designate a specific piece of content as pillar content. It is beneficial for a piece of content never to change and be evergreen. The pillar content option for SEO by Rank Math helps in boosting the rankings of your website. 

Evergreen contents are an extensive form of content that will remain relevant for years to come. Rank Math recently published a detailed analysis of pillar content on their website. You can find it here

3. color codes in Rank Math SEO plugin

Rank Math provides you with a feature that shows you attractive color codes based on your SEO optimization. Particularly it recommends three colors for you to navigate it faster. Here is what the three color codes mean:  

Green (81+score)

Green Color Code - Rank Math SEO Recommendation

If Rank Math shows your overall score in green color, that means your content has good SEO optimization. The score should be between 80 to 100. However, if your score is 80, it will be better if you spare some time to fix the errors and increase the score. Undoubtedly, increasing your score will boost your SEO optimization. 

Yellow (51 to 80 score)

Yellow Color Code - Rank Math SEO Recommendation

A score in yellow indicates that the content has not been optimized properly. The overall score will be between 51 to 80. Hence, you need to spend more time fixing it and increasing the SEO score. 

Red (Below 50 score)

Red Color Code - Rank Math SEO Recommendation

If you see your score below 50 and is in the red color, it indicates that your content’s SEO optimization is very poor. Hence, to increase the score and make it green, you will need to follow Rank Math’s suggestion. Undoubtedly, if you follow Rank Math’s suggestions, your score will increase. And also, that means your SEO optimization will boost. 

4. Use Product Schema (Pro version)

Product Schema For WooCommerce Products

This feature comes in the pro version of the Rank Math SEO plugin. Additionally, this feature is available to those website owners with Easy Digital Downloads products or WooCommerce. This SEO plugin has an automatic setting that spontaneously adds a product schema to woo-commerce, etc. 

Rank Math PRO can identify the appropriate Rank Math review schema markup for each post, page, product, or other taxonomy types on your website. You may, however, simply alter it and choose a new Schema type.

5. New Content AI for Optimizing Post

Content AI feature by Rank Math SEO plugin

The Rank Math SEO plugin includes a feature called Content AI that helps users find and use high-ranking focus keywords. Moreover, rank math determines the best ranking focus keywords from existing blogs that contain SEO content using its proprietary algorithms. 

The free version of Rank Math provides you with 5 credits of content AI. You can upgrade the number of credits by purchasing it at only $19 for 15 credits. 

Furthermore, Content AI also delivers you intelligent suggestions for link count, word count, heading count, and media count. In addition, it provides you with some high-ranking keywords to add to the heading, subheadings, description, etc. Additionally, Content AI suggests a few FAQs that users often think about while browsing. 

6. Capture Customer Reviews (Pro version)

This feature is only available for the WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads stores. It ensures that you have enabled the review option in your digital store. Undoubtedly, reviews from your customers boost the reliability of your store

Rank Math free vs pro

Rank Math free vs pro

Pro Tip: If you want to experiment with the Rank Math premium version, you can test its performance at the demo website for free

Rank Math offers a premium version with premium features. The premium version of Rank Math is known as Rank Math Pro. You can invest $59 per year to get Rank Math pro. The pro version offers a multitude of amazing features. 

With that said, let’s take a closer look at the ways it differs from the free version. 

1. Google Analytics integrated

Google Analytics integrated feature by Rank Math WordPress plugin

The free version of Rank Math comes with powerful Google Analytics built right in. Unlike other plugins, Rank Math does not require you to leave the WordPress dashboard to analyze search traffic. 

Rank Math With Google Analytics

Apart from that, the Rank Math pro will let you see the list of posts with their scores. The scores are divided into three sections: good, fair, and poor

The dashboard will show you a list of posts with SEO scores, titles, traffic, links, and schema. You can boost the SEO score from there effortlessly. 

2. You can Track Up to 1000 keywords

Keyword and Rank Tracking by Rank Math

Rank Math SEO plugin has two plans to choose from. With the pro plan in Rank Math plugin, you can track up to 500 keywords (1000 at the time of launch offer). While the business plan allows you to track up to 10,000 keywords (20,000 at the time of launch offer).

In case you need more keyword tracking, you can directly send a mail to support@rankmath.com. The support team will prepare a custom plan according to your website needs.

Moreover, the rank tracker in Rank Math also lets you see:

  • The SERP ranking of the post
  • Number of clicks
  • Impressions on your post

3. The advanced schema generator

Advanced schema generator by Rank Math WordPress SEO Plugin

Google has changed its old algorithms and has come up with new core algorithm updates. In the search result, it has started displaying rich snippets, also known by the name ‘Schema’

Likewise, it has become a crucial task for all website owners to add a rich snippet. Fortunately, the Rank Math pro version comes with an integrated schema. Hence, the website owners do not have to install external plugins to incorporate schema in their website. 

Following is a list of some types of schema markup that Rank Math supports.

  • Book Schema
  • Event Schema
  • Article Schema
  • Course Schema
  • FAQ Schema
  • Review Schema
  • Recipe Schema
  • Product Schema and many more.

4. image SEO

Image SEO Feature by Rank Math

WordPress SEO plugin Rank Math has a feature of automatically adding ALT and title tags for search engine optimization. Suppose you have stacks of blog posts with no ALT or title tags. Then, you can easily use this Rank Math SEO plugin feature. 

5. 404 Monitor

404 Monitor feature by Rank Math Pro

Everyone knows how tough it is to track 404 links on your websites. Hence, the Rank Math SEO plugin is the ultimate solution for you. This SEO plugin provides access to a 404 monitor that helps you search the 404 links on your website. 

What is a 404 error?

A 404 error happens while visiting a page that no more exists. Moreover, the 404 error gives user a bad experience, hence hampering the SEO.

404 Monitor offers two modes:  

  • The simple mode captures 404 errors. 
  • The advance mode checks everything, including referring page, error page, etc. 

Moreover, by regularly checking the 404 monitors of Rank Math, the 404 errors can be fixed. Hence, which will result in providing a better user experience on your website.

404 Monitor feature by Rank Math plugin

As shown in the picture above, the Rank Math SEO plugin keeps a record of 404 links. Additionally, you will be able to export them and modify them in bulk.

Pros and Cons of using the Rank Math SEO plugin

Now, let’s discuss Rank Math pros and cons. 

Pros of using Rank Math

  • It comes with a simple yet effective dashboard; hence using Rank Math becomes extremely easier. 
  • Rank Math SEO plugin provides you with both a free version and a pro version with premium features and addons. 
  • Importing settings from other plugins like Yoast SEO or AIOSEO plugin is very easy to do in Rank Math.
  • Rank Math provides a feature named “Google Search Console Integration” that guides you from keyword tracking to search engine crawling.
  • Moreover, Rank Math also provides you with rich snippets. Hence no extra third-party plugin is required.
  • It is a very simple and lightweight plugin that doesn’t disturb your website’s loading speed. 
  • Images are automatically tagged with ALT attributes.
  • The Rank Math SEO plugin is compatible with almost every theme and plugin that use WordPress’s Codex. If you want to know more about Rank Math compatibility then you must check out – Rank Math SEO Compatible Product List

Cons of using Rank Math

  • The only con of Rank Math is that it does not support the import system from Rank Math to any other plugin. Consequently, in the future, if you want to switch from Rank Math to another plugin, you might have to face some trouble.

How To install Rank Math SEO plugin on WordPress?

Before, you jump into the installation guide, here is a fantastic video created by Rank Math itself to give you a brief overview of the installation process:

The steps below will guide you through installing the Rank Math SEO plugin. Installing Rank Math plugin from the WordPress repository is an extremely easy task. 

Step 1: Hover your cursor over the ‘Plugins’ option in the WordPress sidebar first. Then click over the ‘Add New’ option. 

Rank Math Installation

Step 2: A page named ‘Add plugin’ will open up, and now, all the popular plugins will appear on your screen. Go to the search bar and type in ‘Rank Math’. The page will get refreshed and will display the Rank Math plugin on the screen. Now, click on the ‘Install Now’ button to start the installation of the Rank Math SEO plugin on your website. 

Step 3: Immediately after clicking the ‘Install Now’ button, the progress wheel will pop up, which means the plugin is getting installed.

Rank Math Installation

Step 4: After a few seconds, the installation will be complete. And you will be able to see the ‘Activate’ button in place of the ‘Install Now’ button. 

Rank Math Installation

Step 5: Once the activation is done, you will be redirected to the WordPress plugin page. Your WordPress plugins screen will display that the installation of rank math has been successfully done.

Rank Math Installation

Rank Math SEO Plugin: Most important settings

Rank Math SEO Plugin important settings

Here, we will not go into details about the important settings on Rank Math. As Rank Math’s official blog already has an in-depth blog for setting up the Rank Math SEO plugin

Therefore, we will discuss some basic yet very important settings you need to make after installing the plugin.

Rank Math lets you easily import all SEO settings in case you’ve been using any other SEO plugin like Yoast SEO. Hence, you don’t have to perform search engine optimization manually for your blog or website. 

In addition, Rank Math detects which SEO plugins you are currently using and gives you options for importing their settings.

For example, in case you have been using the Yoast SEO plugin, then this is what the import section looks like:

Import SEO settings by Rank Math plugin

As you can see in the picture above, you can import:

  • Settings
  • Post meta
  • Term meta
  • Author meta
  • Redirection

After this is done, you can execute the following processes:

  • Select your website
  • Now, connect your website with the google search console
  • Create sitemaps

All the above-mentioned steps are not very tough if you have had experience using the Yoast plugin or any other SEO plugin. Below are some of the ways that can help you optimize settings for better ranking:

  • Enable the strip category base
  • Open external links in new tabs
  • Nofollow external links
  • Nofollow image file links
  • Noindex Empty category and tag archives

After the completion of these settings, click the “save and continue” button to finish the operation. The following is what the interface looks like:

Save and continue the Rank Math settings

Hence, it’s done now. 

Pricing Plans of the WordPress SEO plugin – rank math

If you’re wondering that – “Is Rank Math free?”

Then you’re partially correct since Rank Math offers both free as well as paid plans!

Rank Math SEO plugin offers three pricing plans that are listed below:

Rank Math Pricing plans

1. Rank Math pro Plan

This subscription plan is perfect for solopreneurs or bloggers and costs only $59 per year. And you can install the Rank Math pro version on unlimited websites (excluding the client’s site).

The plan offers the following features:

  • Can be installed on unlimited sites
  • Track up to 500 keywords
  • 24/7 support
  • Free 15 Content AI credits
  • Power Schema Generator

2. Rank Math business Plan

If you want to use the premium version of Rank Math on the client’s website as well, then this package is best for you. This option will cost you $199 per year. Moreover, you will be able to use it for up to 100 clients

  • Can be used on the client’s website
  • Tracks up to 10,000 keywords.
  • 24/7 support
  • Free 125 Content AI credits
  • Power Schema Generator

3. Rank Math Agency Plan

If you want a Rank Math version for high-volume work, you can get it at just $499 for a year. The agency owners mostly used this option of Rank Math.

  • Supports 500 client’s website
  • Tracks up to 50,000 keywords
  • 24/7 support
  • Free 600 content AI credits
  • Powerful schema generator

Then what are you waiting for?

Note: If you will buy any premium version of Rank Math from the links above then you will get discounted price along with a 30-day money-back gurantee. In case you didn’t like the pro version, you can mail it to support@rankmath.com at any time. And you will get your money refund.

Rank Math Pro Review: Why did we decide to upgrade to Rank Math SEO Pro?

Why we upgraded from Rank Math free to Rank Math Pro

We upgraded to Rank Math PRO to access the premium features that can improve the SEO optimization of our website and we’re extremely happy with the results 🙂🙂

The main question that arises in everybody’s mind – “Is Rank Math Pro Worth it?”

So, our straightforward answer is – “Of course!!”

Search engine optimization by Rank Math has helped our website to crawl to the first page for a certain set of keywords. Hence, resulted in more organic growth of traffic on our website. Hence, for this, we decided to be a member of Rank Math SEO Pro only. Here is a brief of, in what terms the Rank Math Pro version helped in our growth!

  • Tracking Keywords: Previously, we used to use an external tool for tracking the keywords. That tool used to cost us a lot. Since we switched to Rank Math Pro, all the SEO work is now handled by Rank Math itself. Hence, now we don’t have to waste any extra penny on tracking keywords and ranking. The Rank Math Pro subscription can track up to 500 keywords for every website. 
  • Google Video SEO sitemap: The premium version of the Rank Math helped us in creating a dedicated video sitemap for our blog. People who are interested in producing video blogs can easily incorporate this. 
  • Tracking the speed of posts and pages: The page’s speed performance is crucial for having a good user experience. Therefore, with the help of Rank Math Pro, we can easily track the speed of the page right in the Rank Math dashboard. 
  • Advance redirection manager: With the help of this amazing feature, we can easily transfer the data to Rank Math. And also, we can remove all the other extra plugins. 

What’s Our Take on the Rank Math WordPress SEO plugin?

Rank Math stands out and is the best SEO plugin for WordPress. We were astounded when we first used the Rank Math SEO plugin. It has a very simple interface, and it is easy to use. Even a new blogger can easily start working with the Rank Math SEO plugin. 

Moreover, the UI is great too. This SEO plugin comes with too many great features. And here, we are not even talking about the premium version. The free version of Rank Math has an insanely ludicrous number of features. 

And also, the pro version of Rank Math is the best of all. It comes with its own premium features and tops the plugin race. Moreover, the premium version will push your website to the first page of google and also will boost your reach.

Rank Math analytics

Rank Math Vs Yoast SEO for on-page SEO optimization

Are you also wondering – “Is Rank Math Better Than Yoast SEO?”

Before we have a short discussion about Yoast vs Rank Math, let us look at the following picture.

Rank Math Vs Yoast SEO for on-page SEO optimization

As shown in the above picture, Rank Math uses less coding as compared to the Yoast plugin. Hence, the Rank Math SEO plugin provides a much better speed rate. Therefore, if you need a lightweight, high-speed plugin, then go for Rank Math

Let’s see what do experts in the SEO industry says:

Rank Math vs Yoast SEO Testimonial

Moreover, the Yoast SEO plugin allows only one keyword tracking, whereas the Rank Math pro version offers up to 5 keyword tracking. 

Also, Yoast SEO only tells you if your readability and SEO are good or poor. But in the Rank Math SEO plugin, you get to know the score of the SEO optimization. If the SEO score is above 90 then there are high chances that your blog will be on the first page of Google. 

Yoast vs Rank Math for on-page SEO optimization

Let’s see what do experts in the SEO industry says:

Rank Math vs Yoast SEO Testimonial

 What are your thoughts? Which is the best SEO plugin?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Rank Math SEO Plugin

1. What Is Rank Math?

Rank Math is a search optimization plugin used in WordPress to analyze websites’ SEO performance. The plugin is easy to use, and with its help, you can optimize the content within-built suggestions based on widely-accepted practices. The plugin comes with an easily customized format and enables access to control pages indexable for websites.

2. Is Rank Math good for SEO?

Rank Math offers more features in its free version as compared to Yoast. Rank Math offers excellent features which reduce the usage of extra plugins to get the job done.

3. Is Rank Math better than Yoast SEO?

The Yoast plugin is best for WordPress sites to complete all the SEO desires. But if you compare it with Rank Math, then Rank math is the winner in this race and the no. 1 plugin for WordPress sites. It is a handy tool for on-page SEO, content optimization, rich snippets, redirects, etc. If any person wants complete control over your SEO and doesn’t need multiple plugins, then this plugin is a preferable option for you. 

4. Who are the typical users of Rank Math?

SEO professionals, content writers, digital marketers and website owners are the typical users of Rank Math SEO plugin.

5. What languages does Rank Math support?

It doesn’t matter which language you are using on your website. The Rank Math plugin is built to help your website rank on Google. But for performing SEO in multiple languages, you must use another plugin to make the website multilingual. For using various language features, the user is required to learn how to translate your WordPress Site using TranslatePress Plugin, which enables optimizing your SEO site in each language. 

This TransplantPress automatically connects with Rank Math and enables users to create a multilingual XML sitemap. It helps Google to discover the content language. 

6. Does Rank Math slow down your website?

No, using the Rank Math plugin for the website will not hamper the speed. The Rank Math code is built and optimized for maximum performance. But on the contrary, Rank Math has a better chance that the website will perform better as it performs the job for multiple plugins. 

7. Which one is better – Squirrly SEO vs. Rank Math?

We are mentioning the features of these two excellent plugins so the user can evaluate which one is superior. 

a. Plugins

Rank Math
This plugin in the WordPress world is still like a newborn baby, as it is new and takes time to grow. But many people are using this plugin due to its amazing features. It enables you to optimize your on-page content completely. 

Squirrly SEO
To work on this plugin, the user doesn’t have to master using it and perform the optimization of content. This plugin will guide you to get the content optimized for search engines.

b. Content Optimization

Rank Math
If you are a beginner, this plugin is best for content optimization. It will analyze the writing pattern and give you suggestions about your writing style. 

Squirrly SEO
In terms of content optimization, Squirrly SEO is a hard hitter. It is built with the help of expert bloggers. Because the expert is aware of SEO-friendly content skills, they can easily use this. 

c. Focus keyword

Rank Math
It is a free plugin, and it offers five options in keywords and gives you recommendations on how to choose the most effective keywords for the blog so that the website rank may improve. It provides you with keywords based on actual terms on search engines as per the suggestions. 

Squirrly SEO
This plugin will offer the keywords ranked in the market, and the suggestions will come from Google’s fetch function. When you enter the phrase, it will automatically finish the long-tail keywords, and you should concentrate on your results. 

8. How to use Rank Math in WordPress?

In order to use Rank Math in WordPress, you need to install the Rank Math WordPress plugin first. Once, you have installed the plugin, open your blog editor. You will be able to see the Rank Math sidebar with all the SEO suggestions that will help your blog rank #1 on Google.

final thoughts on the Rank Math SEO review

Based on the Rank Math plugin review, we now know why website owners are migrating from their previous SEO plugins to Rank Math and the Rank Math premium version. Undoubtedly, it’s tough not to like a plugin with an insanely ludicrous amount of features and innovative tools. 

Whether you are a beginner or an SEO specialist, Rank Math is unquestionably the best for you. The Pro version of Rank Math costs you only $59 bucks, which according to our review, is the best affordable price for this innovative SEO plugin. 

Moreover, you can easily boost the organic traffic on your existing websites by getting a Pro version of the Rank Math plugin.

According to us, this SEO plugin deserves 9.5/10 ratings. 

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