What Is Content Writing? + How To Become A Content Writer!

What Is Content Writing? + How To Become A Content Writer!

Hey there?! I spot a newbie looking to dive into the world of content writing. 

Content writing can be an exhausting process. It requires:

  • Researching new ideas
  • Getting inspiration
  • Finding the will to write on different topics

Did you know that content writing is one of the most used content types in 98 percent of marketing companies?

Yes! Content writing is that prevalent these days.

Do you want to write good content too?

Do you take an interest in being creative and putting your ideas into paper?

We’ll be learning about different types of content you can write about as well as tips and tricks on how to get started

If you’re a beginner, don’t be overwhelmed. 

You do not require an innate talent to write simple content, just creativity, and research skills.

So, are you ready?

What Do You Mean By Content Writing?

What Do You Mean By Content Writing?
Source: Freepik

So, what means content writing?

Content writing refers to the method of creating written content with the aim of online marketing. 

Let’s talk about, what does a content writer actually do?

When it comes to content writing – planning, writing, and editing are the basic steps. 

Content writing can include content for blog posts, video or podcast scripts as well as content for different social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and many more. 

As we have discussed the basic definition of content writing, now let’s understand what is content writing in digital marketing?

Businesses make use of content to attract clients and build a good relationship with their audience, ultimately improving the conversion rate

About 87 percent of marketers utilize content to guide their consumers through the buyer’s journey at various phases. 

Companies make use of different content writing formats for each step of the process, from creating awareness to sales decisions. 

That is why companies look for individuals who can write catchy phrases and brilliant content to advertise and increase growth potential through content writing.

Now, let’s move ahead to what is content writing in freelancing!

First of all, if you don’t know what does freelancing means and which are the best websites to do freelancing then check out this amazing video!

Content writing is a field that is on the high rise

That’s why more and more individuals are diving into this creative domain, fighting for the attention of the same audience and high-quality content.

So, if you have relevant content writing skills then you can apply for content writing freelancing projects and make money online.

What Are The Different Types of Content Writing?

There is a variety of written content that a writer can delve into. However, each type of content serves a different purpose according to the client or company’s needs.

The following are the most common types of writing formats:

  • Articles(such as newspapers)
  • Product descriptions
  • Emails and newsletters
  • Press release
  • Ebooks
  • Website content
  • Podcast content

These many content writing formats can reach potential consumers at various stages of the sales funnel, with the goal of moving that person closer to the final goal: sealing the deal

Different content writing formats have different demands from the writer. 

However, it depends on how the writer executes it.

Now, if you’re wondering –

  • How can I learn content writing skills?
  • How do I start content writing?
  • and ‘How do I become a content writer with no experience?’

then let me tell you, my friend!

Our next section of the blog has all your answers, so let’s move ahead!

6 Best Content Writing Tips To Help You Write High-Quality Content!

Under this section, you will learn the best tips that you and your team can use to improve your content writing skills

Content writing is a domain that allows enough scope for improvement. You just need to practice and do ample research on the subject matter. 

Here, we provide you with the 6 best tips to kickstart your content writing journey.

1. Think of a catchy headline

Think of a catchy headline for you content

A catchy headline or title is what attracts most readers. Therefore, it is the first thing that goes to the reader’s attention.

So make sure that you always think of a common yet attractive headline. 

This will automatically drive more traffic to your website.

Did you know that if say 100 people visited your blog, 80 people on average will read the headline and only 20 people will read further?

Construct the title in a way that gives just enough detail about your content to hook the readers.

Statistic on content writing
Source: BuzzSumo

In a survey done by BuzzSumo of 100M headlines on Twitter and Facebook, around 11 words ( 65 characters ) is just the perfect length for a headline.

But, the headline is not enough. What’s most important is your content. 

Keep reading to know more.

2. Grab their attention with a good intro

Tips to write an amazing blog introduction
Source: WrittenlyHub

Even if you have the perfect headline, it’s not enough to hook your readers. 

What’s next is what will keep your readers reading further- the introduction.

But, it is not so easy and simple.

It is rather challenging to write an excellent introduction.

Statistic on content writing
Source: NNGroup

According to Nielsen Norman Group, 57 % of reading time is spent on the main front page, before scrolling. Only the most dedicated, around 17 % make it to the second half of the content

In simple words, if you can’t grab your readers’ attention through the intro and headline, they won’t stick around.

The best tip is to not throw around unnecessary lines and get straight into the main agenda of your blog, that your headline promises.

For example, in this blog itself, the headline and introduction attracted you to the blog and you kept reading further till here. You also need to do the same.

Keep reading to know more tips.

3. Target content toward your audience

Now that we’ve covered the headline and introduction, you must wonder what’s next?

Whatever it is that you write about, your readers need to feel that it is the best. You need to provide them with all that they need. 

Be engaging, ask your audience questions using words like ‘how’, ‘why’ etc in between lines.

Care about your readers’ demands and needs. That’s how you will develop a strong readership

BuzzSumo carried out research with 400,000 articles using machine learning models to figure out how to write interesting content. Only a small percentage of the articles investigated performed well on both – Facebook and Twitter.

Hence, we can infer that people are exposed to different types of content on the web.

As a content writer, you must’ve read that content writing is best using simple, readable language.

However, the above BuzzSumo study also showed that high readability scores, meaning shorter sentences and words, don’t automatically perform better than lower readability scores. 

This just tells you to write your content in a language that your distinct readership will understand and enjoy.

This might also depend on the average age of your readership.

Do not oversimplify or overcomplicate words and sentences. 

4. Give the readers what they want

Do not distract from the article’s main focus which is the topic of your content!

Imagine if you searched for a topic on Google, clicked on a blog and a bunch of unnecessary information popped up, unrelated to the content. 

Or imagine you want to know about a topic, hop on Google and instead of finding a decent website, you stumble across an article of 3000 words about what is content writing. 

Now, you may never return to these sites in the future since it has no practical information on how to get started with content writing. 

That is why it is very important to do necessary keyword research to know what it is your readers want. 

Stick to the main content of your blog and provide authentic and up-to-date information.

5. Create A Clear Outline Of your content

Create A Clear Outline Of your blog

After you do your research and gather everything you need to get started, create an outline of your entire blog.

This is a crucial step not just for you, but for your audience as well. This way your article will get a well-defined structure. 

It will also be easier to find relevant articles and statistics to include in your article. It also makes it much more organized and easier to edit in the end.

To include multiple points within a single heading, break it down into more subheadings.

Also, try to find external links or sources to any survey or research that you mention in your blog.  This makes your content look more reliable.

6. Add External Links

Add external links to your blog
Source: Infidigit

For every kind of topic, there are many similar articles on the web.  So why should people read your content?

This is where you need to be unique and stand out. You can do this by being a trusted source for your audience who provides well-researched and authentic information.

If your readers are able to trust your content and rely on you, they are most likely to come back as well as share your blogs on social media. 

Additionally, backlinks also help in this. Follow these tips for backlinking:

  • Link your content to authoritative sites: Linking to prominent media sources, government websites, institutions, and well-known companies can help you create more authentic content.
  • Get reputable sites to link to your blogs: If a highly reputed and credible site such as The New York Times links to your blogs, people will automatically trust you more. It can also help you rank up in organic search.

Start Your Content Writing Journey With A Breeze!

As mentioned earlier, remember the key steps of executionplanning, content writing, and editing.

Get yourself into the game of content writing and you’ll be surprised how much there is to learn and work on. It is an amazing opportunity for people who want to learn and provide information to the general public on the web. 

You could try working with professional freelancers to get hands-on experience and see how the experts do it and earn a substantial income. They will show you how to minimize time-consuming tasks and focus on the actual content.

Above all, trust the process and don’t give up.

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