How To Start Freelancing and Get Freelance Jobs?

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Are you planning to start freelancing?

Are you spending hours on various freelancing websites but not able to find any freelance work yet?

It does not even matter that what skills you have. You can easily become a successful freelancer in 2023. 

But before that, if you’re new to freelancing, you must know why a freelancing career is a great option.

Although earning your first dollar from any freelancing website is a fantastic journey for everyone. As the world is changing, businesses are shifting towards freelancers. Rather than hiring a full-time employee and paying him every month, businesses find investing in freelancers more profitable. 

This is the reason why I prepared a complete guide on – ‘How To Start Freelancing and Get Freelance Jobs?’.

So, let’s get started.

4 Easy Steps You Must Know Before Starting Freelancing

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To make it easy for you, I have compiled all my freelancing experience to break down the entire process into 4 simple steps.

So, let’s have a look.

  1. Choose A Perfect Freelancing Niche
  2. Create An Attractive Freelance Portfolio
  3. Bid on Projects To Get Freelance Jobs
  4. Impress the Clients To Win The Freelancing Project

These 4 easy steps will help you kick-start your freelancing journey. Sounds exciting?

Let’s discuss it one by one.

Choose A Perfect Freelancing Niche

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Being a freelancer, you have complete control over what freelancing services you want to deliver to your clients. If you have any skill, no matter how big or small its scope is but you believe that it can provide value to any client. Just go for that skill. 

Freelancing websites offer hundreds and thousands of skills to find freelance jobs from home. You can add any of the favorable skills to your profile and deliver your services to the clients.

The only thing which is important is that most of the highest-paid freelancers are those who provide the maximum value to their clients. 

While choosing a niche, just ask the following questions from yourself. 

“Will it provide any value to anyone?”

“Does your skill have any ability to save someone’s time?”

“Does your skill have the ability to make money?”

If your answer satisfies all these questions, then boom!!!

You cracked it!!!

Just go for it. You have finally found a perfect freelancing niche for you.

Congrats, you cleared the 1st step !!!!!

Create A Professional Freelance Portfolio


So, if you don’t know what is a freelance portfolio then don’t worry, my friend.

We are here to provide you with all the valuable information that you might need. So, a freelance portfolio contains all your previous projects and past client’s reviews.

However, experienced freelancers always have the upper hand when we talk about how to create a freelance portfolio. They can easily impress any client by showcasing their portfolio samples, client testimonials, and previous references.

A portfolio basically works as social proof. It makes the client feel confident and reliable that they’re hiring the right person. Experienced freelancers also find potential freelance clients with prominent portfolios. Portfolios will also help in building trust among the clients.

But being a beginner, how can you compete with them?

I know that, being a beginner, you might not have a huge list of portfolio samples. But there are some other ways also, using which you can easily earn the trust of clients.

When I started freelancing, I was also not having any previous work samples to show. But I just used a simple trick. I prepared my own samples and provided them to my clients while bidding.

So, now the question that arises is, ‘what can I show as a sample?’

As in my case, I am a content writer. So, I wrote some amazing articles and provided them in the form of samples to the clients. If you are a designer, then you can provide some of your best designs. 

Therefore, you just need to make the client feel comfortable that, yes, he’s making the right decision by hiring you.

So, go and showcase the best work samples in your portfolio !!!

Bid on Projects To Get Freelance Jobs

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Having a skill that can deliver value to someone as well as building a portfolio showcasing your level of work, isn’t enough!!!

No client will simply read your portfolio and come to your doorstep to give you freelance jobs. You have to go to the potential clients and pitch them continuously. 

You have to keep bidding on the projects that lie in your niche. Keep pitching the potential clients and also build a strong relationship with them.

There is a variety of freelancing websites out there in the market. Everyone claims to be the best, but sorting out the real and genuine freelancing platforms is really very daunting. To make it easy for you, we have prepared a list of the best freelancing websites.

Successful freelancers always work on attracting those clients who are looking for the services that they deliver. They always discover ways to make the people interested in the service that they offer.

You need to understand a simple thing that don’t keep pitching everyone for your services. Dude, you are just wasting your time if you are doing so!!!

Pitch on those clients, or, I can say, bid on only those projects which you can actually complete. You get a limited number of bids every month, so don’t waste them !!

Learn about how to write an impressive bid proposal in Freelancer!

Impress The Clients To Win The Freelancing Project

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So, now you are done with the bidding part. You can get the client’s attention on you now. They have shown you that they are interested in the services that you offer.

Now, the last step is to convert ‘interested’ to ‘hired food the project’.  This step is the toughest one when you are a beginner or it is one of your initial freelance jobs. 

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In order to accomplish this step, you simply need to build trust between you and your client. Make good communication between you. Also, ask him/her that what do they expect from you. Let them know the way you will gonna approach while doing this project. Suggest them some creative ideas to make the work look better.

All in all, build a good relationship with your client to make them believe in you. If they genuinely like your work, in the end, they might approach you for some more future projects as well.

So, give your very best !!!

A happy client can bring good freelance jobs for you furthermore. So, keep bidding and work harder on yourself.

So, this was my master strategy to start freelancing as a beginner and get the maximum number of freelance jobs. Follow all 4 steps correctly, and you will surely become a successful freelancer.

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Wrapping It Up

Getting your first client as a freelancer and landing your initial freelance jobs is not easy. But it does not mean that it’s not possible. The first and foremost thing is to master a skill that can actually provide value to the clients. Choose a perfect freelancing niche depending on the demand in the market.

Your portfolio will be your first impression on the clients. Maintain it properly and also try to make it attractive. Keep bidding on projects regularly, and once you get in touch with clients, build a good relationship with them.

So, all the best for your freelancing journey ahead !!!!

Hope you win the best freelance jobs and have a successful freelancing career!!


Himani is a digital marketer who has 4 years of experience in blogging and SEO. She started her journey as a freelancer at the age of 18 in 2020 and made $350,000 by working with different high profiled companies and clients. She shares her insightful knowledge and learnings to help people make money online.

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